More than a brand
Terra Nostra dairy products are produced with milk from happy cows. They feed on the Azorean fresh meadows and breathe the island’s pure air, living to the rhythm of nature. This is our origin. Doing the good, well done, is our mission.

We propose a trip to the Azores through flavour, which is as pure as the air you breathe on the islands. A trip offered by this land’s tastiest son: Terra Nostra.

Terra Nostra symbolises the Azores, the land that watched it grow. It honours its birthplace and it expressescontemporaneity. It follows the evolution of times and it takes the natural character of its origin to cosmopolitan scenarios every day.

Counting over 60 years of existence, Terra Nostra was born as a cheese brand, being today a dairy brand featuring cheese, milk and butter, products which are more and more present in the life of the Portuguese.

Its natural character and unique flavour prides Terra Nostra to be the cheese brand that gets into more Portuguese homes, being it a leading, highly reliable brand.

Terra Nostra brand’s main pillars rest upon the respect for nature, the pride in its origin and the mission of doing Good, well done.

It protects the island’s beautiful natural resources for the upcoming generations, keeping a vision of sustainable growth.

Permanently on the lookout for the market’s tendencies, the brand aims to be present throughout the day in different occasions and increase the number of loyal consumers, by delivering the best of the Azorean nature through unique, natural, flavourful products.

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