Terms and Conditions

“TERRANOSTRA’s” website is operated by the company Bel Portugal and it includes, without any limitation, its main page, protected pages and other types of pages with the same content.

A user visiting this website must express his agreement regarding the terms and conditions explained below. We reserve the right to alter, modify or remove parts of these “Terms and Conditions” at any time and from time to time. Please check these “Terms and Conditions regularly and periodically so as to be updated on the changes and revisions introduced. Users of this website should abide by the norms contained in the “Terms and Conditions”, which means that the user accepts the above mentioned modifications and revisions without any objections.

Necessary age and residence to have access to Bel Portugal’s Internet website

Bel Portugal’s website is intended for exclusive use of citizens residing in Portugal. Persons residing outside Portuguese territory cannot participate in activities made available by this website and will have neither rights, nor the possibility to file any complaints regarding the use of the above mentioned website.

While any person can access Bel Portugal’s website, only persons aged at least eighteen yearsold can register thereon (if the registration comes to be a prerequisite for use of the website or any specific activity connected to or regarding it).

General Terms and Conditions

By using the above mentioned website, the user declares that he/ she accepts to do so according to the law and bearing in mind the mentioned “Terms and Conditions”, as if they have signed this agreement.


The user of the website is the sole responsible for the losses or costs associated with the connection to Bel Portugal’s website, from a given number of accesses. The user is also the exclusive responsible for the access to a telephone and computer equipment (and the losses associated with access lines), including the modem or any other device, and he/ she is also responsible for finding an Internet services server, being all or only some of those devices necessary to access the electronic address.

In order to allow the company Bel Portugal to protect the quality of its products and services, as well as the website, the user declares that he/ she accepts that Bel Portugal’s staff, or other services providers acting on behalf or representation of the above mentioned company, may have access to his/ her information from a database, so that it is possible to investigate any abuse of rights. The company Bel Portugal will not engage in any investigation arising from such data, unless it is required to do so by law.

The user is aware that Bel Portugal’s website contains information, software, photos, images, videos, graphics, songs, sounds, logos, data, or other types of electronic material, including contents which are expressly protected by copyright (intellectual property rights), patents, industrial property rights, secret agreements of transactions or other property rights, which are protected by all forms of technology currently existing or which will exist or be developed in the future. The entire content of the website is copyright while collective work, under Portuguese copyright law currently in force, and Bel Portugal is the copyright owner, as selector and coordinator of such content.

Bel Portugal, the website “TERRANOSTRA” and their designations and logos are patented under the designation “Bel Portugal”. All remaining registered brands and patents appearing on Bel Portugal’s website are patents belonging either to Bel Portugal or to their correspondent owners.

The partners of the address or their contents services providers may have additional property rights regarding those same contents. The user may not modify, publish, transmit or participate in transferences or sales of creative work pieces making part of the contents made available on the repeatedly above mentioned website, totally or partially, except in exceptional cases when the user has made a copy of the materials on any computer for his/ her personal use only and not for commercial purposes, thus safeguarding non-violation of copyright, intellectual or industrial property rights and other property rights.

Modifications on the website’s contents or use of these contents for any other purposes which may be forbidden by law, such as, but not only, the use of these contents on any other Internet website, already created or not, or on a desktop environment of a computer connected to a network or in photocopies, or through transference of any content, is strictly forbidden. If the user makes a copy of the software which is integrated in the website, that software, including any files, images incorporated in or to the software, as well as any information accompanying the software are licenced by Bel Portugal in a non-transferrable and non-exclusive database.

Bel Portugal does not transfer the title of the software to the user. The user must not, himself or through third parties, redistribute, copy, sell, compile, reverse or develop the software. The user agrees not to modify the software in any way, or not to use modified versions thereof, including (without any type of limitation) for purposes of accessing the website by any means other than the proper access platform, through the website.

In any case, users must comply with the following policies concerning copy making, reproductions and other products:

(1) the user agrees not to reuse the material he/ she withdraws from the website. Specifically, the user agrees not to copy, distribute, republish, download, post or transmit any contents, unless being holder of a written consent to carry out such operations. There is only one exception to the prohibition, which is subject to the following agreement: the user may make a copy of the material or contents at hand to a personal computer and with no commercial purposes, as long as he/ she does not erase or modify any material protected by copyright, intellectual property rights or other property rights. Please do not modify the materials and do not use them for any other purposes which have not been mentioned above; otherwise, you will be violating intellectual property rights.

(2) everything the user copies from Bel Portugal’s website will be considered licensed by Bel Portugal to the user.

This means that Bel Portugal has total control over all associated intellectual property rights. The user is not authorised to redistribute or sell material, nor to analyse its structure, dismantle it or convert it into another form which allows its reading by any person.

General rules about the use of the website

The user should acknowledge the fact that all contents from Bel Portugal’s website, with advertising made available in the above mentioned website, is the exclusive responsibility of the person who gave origin to it.

The user is entirely responsible for all contents inserted through the website, through posts, emails or any other form of transmission of information onto the website. It should be mentioned that Bel Portugal has no power and, consequently, no responsibility, over the contents placed on its website and therefore does not guarantee the total quality of the contents inserted thereon. The user agrees that, through use of the website, he/ she may be exposed to contents which may be offensive and indecent to his/ her sensitiveness. Bel Portugal may not, under any circumstances, be responsible for all of the contents inserted on the website, including errors or serious omissions, or any damage or loss of any type which may arise as a result of the use or visualisation of any article placed through posts, emails or any other transmission from or to Bel Portugal’s website.


Uploading, posts, emailing or other type of contents which may be illegal, threatening to the security of the website, abusive, libellous, obscene, invasive, as well as any type of action which may be considered against morality or against Portuguese or international law, or which may be considered as being inappropriate and/ or indecent; harassment of minors, or solicitation of information or details regarding minors; impersonating or pretending to be another person or entity, including, but not limited to, any agent or official from Bel Portugal’s website; giving false information about his/ her marital status to another person or about his/ her association with any business entity; forging or manipulating documents sent to Bel Portugal’s website; uploading, posts, emailing or other type of transmissions/ communications of informative contents and others, sent to Bel Portugal’s website, when there is no legal or contractual right, nor  relations of reliance or trust to do so (including, but not limited to, confidential information acquired through proximity labour relationships); uploading, posting, emailing or other type of information transmission which may violate any right protected by patent, registration, copyright, rights of privacy or advertising, or other third parties’ property rights; uploading, posting, emailing to transmit or solicit non-authorised advertisements, advertisements to promote political and/ or ideological material, junk mail, spam, mass and chain emails, pyramid schemes or any other type of deceitful solicitation, except in areas where such is specifically permitted; uploading, posting, emailing or any other type of information transmission containing malicious software, viruses or any other type of computer code, files or programmes specifically designed to interrupt, destroy or limit the functionalities of the software or hardware of any computer or telecommunications systems and equipment, despite  the normal dialogue flow, faster than that of the remaining users of Bel Portugal’s website, or any other action which, in a negative manner, affects the capacity of other users; interferences or disconnection of the website or of the servers or network connected to the website, or disobedience to any procedures, rules or regulations regarding the network connected to the website; intentional or unintentional violation of municipal, national or international laws and regulations; any type of behaviour tormenting another member or user of Bel Portugal’s website; attempts to access personal data regarding any other users of Bel Portugal’s website.

Uploading, posting, emailing or any other information transmissions containing links to other websites which may contain any of the contents described above will be removed.

The user is the sole and exclusive responsible for the contents included in his/ her email messages.

Limitation of liability and obligations

The user expressly states his/ her agreement regarding the fact that Bel Portugal is not directly or indirectly responsible for any profits or losses, or for any other type of personal injury damages (even if Bel Portugal has been warned about the possibility of the occurrence of such damages), resulting, namely, from the following facts:

(i) inability to use the website; (ii) the cost of demand of substitute goods and services resulting from any information or services purchased or obtained or received messages and transference made through Bel Portugal’s website; (iii) unauthorised access to alter your information; (iv) declarations or behaviour by any insurance company on the website or; (v) any other matter related to Bel Portugal’s website. Under no circumstances can there be full liability of Bel Portugal for losses and damage, through negligent unlawful action or through deliberate infringement of an extra-contractual duty leading to liability regarding compensation for losses and damage.

Right to compensation

The user acknowledges the duty of compensation and reparation to Bel Portugal and other companies associated to it, their branches, promotion and publicising agencies and their correspondent responsible persons, directors, employees, consultants and agents, regarding any claim or complaint originated by any third-party due to obligations, damages, procedures, lawsuits and costs, namely, but not only, related to lawyers’ fees, in whole or in part, directly or indirectly, due to misuse of Bel Portugal’s website; any content or post submitted by the user on Bel Portugal’s website, transmitted or made accessible, and which violates this compilation of “Terms and Conditions” or any other intellectual property rights or any other type of right protected by law regarding any person or entity will result in compensation to Bel Portugal.

Termination and modification of contract

The user accepts that the company Bel Portugal, on its own free will, without any prior justification or warning, may cease his/ her use of the website, and it may remove any contents from the website, for any reason, including, without any limitation, due to a lack or inexistence of use or if Bel Portugal has well-founded suspicions that the user has violated or acted in an improper manner against the dispositions, in letter and in spirit, of the “Terms and Conditions”.

Bel Portugal may also, according to its own judgement, suspend or interrupt the use of the website, or any part thereof, without having to inform about it. The user furthermore declares that he/ she agrees with the fact that termination of his/ her access to Bel Portugal’s website in accordance with the dispositions of the “Terms and Conditions” may be applied without any prior warning, and he/ she also acknowledges that Bel Portugal can immediately deactivate or delete any information the user may have provided, as well as all of the remaining information and files which may be connected therewith and that it may also bar or prevent access to such files or to the website itself. Lastly, the user declares that he/she accepts that under no circumstances will the company Bel Portugal be deemed responsible before any third-party entities in the event of any interruption of his/ her access to the website.

Applicable law/ litigation

Except where forbidden by law, by using Bel Portugal’s website the user declares to accept the following rules:

Any litigation, claims or lawsuits which may arise in connection with these “Terms and Conditions” and with the website must be resolved without necessarily resorting to a lawsuit, but rather to the rules of Arbitration in force in Portugal and;

In compliance with the rules and principles of equity, the arbitrator should decide on the cause.

Any and all claims, trials and fees should be limited to small expenses, including costs associated with access to Bel Portugal’s website and the expenses regarding the arbitrator, but expenses connected with lawyers’ wages must never be included; and

Under no circumstances is the obtaining of prizes permitted through this declaration of rights, be they punitive, incidental or consequential, or any others, besides the small expenses on one’s own, and all rights to extend or increase damage;

All claims connected with construction, validity, interpretation and execution of these “Terms and Conditions”, or of the rights and obligations of Bel Portugal and of any user of Bel Portugal’s website will be regulated under Portuguese law, including law conflicts which may arise from the application of Private International Law and all legal procedures must take place in Portugal.

Other “terms and conditions”

Failed attempts by Bel Portugal to execute any rights under these “Terms and Conditions” will not consubstantiate a waiver regarding those rights.

Should any right included in these “Terms and Conditions” be against the law, or, for some reason, impossible to be applied, then that right should be removed from this document of “Terms and Conditions” and should not affect the validity of the remaining legal dispositions therein. These are the dispositions which rule the agreement celebrated between the user and Bel Portugal, and it must not be modified by the user, unless he owns a document in written form signed by both parties. These “Terms and Conditions” will be in force so as to benefit Bel Portugal, its relatives, successors, assignees and holders of licenses by Bel Portugal. Unless otherwise stated by law, the user agrees that any complaint or claim related to the use of Bel Portugal’s website or to the “Terms and Conditions” must be filed within a year after the first occurrence of the circumstances which originated such complaints or claims, otherwise such right will cease due to expiration.

The sections provided under these “Terms and Conditions” are only for mere convenience and do not have any legal or contractual binding.

Third-party websites

On some occasions, you may find links on our website which connect to other websites which are external to Bel Portugal. Bel Portugal does not share your personal information with those websites and is not responsible for their privacy policy. We encourage you to check the Privacy Policy of all websites you visit.